I've been playing guitar for about 9 years, I own an Epi Les Paul Std, a MIM strat, and a Blues Junior. I'm starting college (so i don't have much money) and will definitely be playing more shows... I'm wondering if I should sell the two "meh" guitars I have and invest in a reliable (probably used), high-end professional instrument? I tend to have a love/hate relationship with my current instruments. They're good guitars but I feel like maybe I've "outgrown" them if you know what I mean.

I thought about modding them, new pickups, etc but I feel that that money could be invested in a better instrument. any advice? thanks in advance
Nothing wrong with selling two medium grade guitars and investing in a single hi-quality one!
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I do, i have a P-Bass and play for various things around town

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Nothing wrong with selling two medium grade guitars and investing in a single hi-quality one!

ok thanks. I need some reassurance in making sure that this wasn't a dumbass decision.
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sell the MIM strat and the epi and add in a little extra moolah and possibly get a used gibson. if u want something with single coils, u could get a high end schecter with coil-tapping so u can still have a single coil sound.

what genres do you play and do have a budget?
Save Gibson

^Do it, if you want Gibson to stop with the poor QC and terrible new guitars...
with an extra $100-200 i was thinkin of buying a used gibson. is there a certain time period where they had bad guitars that I should try to avoid?

I play lots of different music, basically anything except for country. right now i mostly play rock/alternative like Radiohead, Oasis, Foo Fighters, etc. I was thinking maybe a used SG standard

as for the budget, I'd like to use the money I sold my guitars for and maybe an extra 100-200 dollars added if I need to. I have to be careful not to spend too much, im unemployed and a student so funds will go quickly lol
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hmmm... maybe you could get a used MIA fat strat, it will have a humbucker for your more gainy sounds and the two single-coils for the softer stuff, an SG wouldn't be bad, lately Ive seen a lot of them going CHEAP at guitar center, may want to check that out. with Gibson you need to try before you buy, because there quality control is not great. I think you need to get in a store and just play around with the guitars there, look for qualitys you like in different guitars and see if there is a guitar that has all of them.
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great, thanks for all your help.

what are some things wrong with the quality control I should look for with the Gibsons? I mean, they shouldn't be as bad as some of the MIM strats, squiers, and epiphones they have on display with knobs chipped or missing, etc