On a master channel amp is there a tone difference if you have the channel volume on 10 amd the master controling overall volume or if you have the master at 10 and channel controling over all volume. thanks
They'll both sound different. I'm not sure exactly which the order is but I believe cranking the master will drive the power tube(s) harder and cranking the channel volume drives another tube/set of tubes.
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uh, im not sure on this, but i dont think it makes too much of a tone difference. the seperate channel volumes is for changing the volume ratio for the 2+ channels, and the master volume is to keep the same ratio amongst the channels, but increase the volume of all channels for playing alone, jamming with others, and gigging and such...
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right, master=power tubes. channel=preamp tubes, so if you crank the channel, you will be driving gain up, and if you crank master you will be driving saturation.