hey there, here's my take on Mr. Bojangles. I added an accoustic solo at the start and the middle, nothing special, sorry about my bad mixing.. the sound quality is good though!


ahh thanks alot mack56, i put a little bit of reverb behind it too.

anyone else? it's crit for crit!
Wow, very impressive. I love the tone of your voice, it just seems to carry. Reminds me a bit of a calmed down Adam Duritz. Great cover, you really made it your own.

Crit my cover?
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You have an excellent voice, and your playing seems solid. My only criticism, which is probably because of the recording equipment, is that there is way too much bass. If it's not because of the recording equipment, than you definitely gotta ease up on the bass lol or even then, just edit it afterwards. Other than that though, great cover man.
ahh yeh ok, makes sence, i acctaully turned down the bass as i tried doing another cover of a song, it helped alot. i noticed it too.

thanks for the crit!
awesome vocals. sounds so familiar, kinda like jeff buckley...
hope you make some more covers! (try some jeff buckely, if youre good at falsetto)
thanks alot! yeh accutally , i'm learning hallelujah right now, it's perfect range for me too. ill post it up when i get it done

anyone else!?

crit for crit!
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accutally , i'm learning hallelujah right now, it's perfect range for me too.

really looking forward to hear that.
would be nice if you'd send me a pm when its online, im not too active in the forums here lately...
peace out!
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