Poll: DGD or related fav?
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1 13%
Whatever I Say Is Royal Ocean
0 0%
Downtown Battle Mountain
3 38%
Death Star Album (Self-Titled)
1 13%
2 25%
1 13%
Johnny Craig solo work
0 0%
Voters: 8.
should be simple enough. Mine's Downtown Battle Mountain.
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emarosa blows all of it out of the water. jonny craig is the best singer ever
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Isnt this more hardcore than pop punk?
And either their self titled or Downtown Battle Mountain
love is love // return to dust
Its pretty tough for me. I love their new album Happiness (so much funk influence, i love it haha). But Downtown Battle Mountain for JC. Emarosa has the plus of having JC, but the songwriting sucks major ****. JC's solo album is good as well, so here's my breakdown

1. Happiness
2. Downtown Battle Mountain (close to 1st though)
3. Jonny Craigs solo
4. Death Star
5. Relativity
6. Everything else i havent really sat down to listen to very well
I would vote for each and everyone of these.
they are all on the same level except maybe emarosa just because the songs seem to lack direction sometimes