the first pommes on the road again,
Hegelian like a torture ,
sparks from the road,
like swallowing sawdust,
there's glass in the sand,
hold up an anted lollypop,
Heaven in it's decadence,
a man of a million moustaches,
learned to breathe clean,
foot absolutely failing on the way down,
i want my peppermint scented pain-relief cream,
spasmotically inclined,
fingers caught in the front seat,
"can I see you laughing now?",
he's a metaphorical alcoholic,
seagulls stab the sun,
I always carry a cigarette,
he seemed to me to breathe,
poked head out into the raining air,
the coast guard always leaves one man behind,
stilettos radiant in it's brilliance,
shocked at the amount of (insouciant) blood,
a hammer to the hardware,
and the Lord of the grounds wins again.

having you for a monday,
monday morning and it's the best,
climbed a tree then fell,
each day you take away one more day for daily rain,
I just shot up your back,
I want to be your rug,
turn you into a delicious cake (with pink sprinkles),
it wears off with a holler,
you haven't changed or remained the same,
I love the luck with/on my tongue,
I must meet you in a meadow once,
down the rain pipes we go,
I can hear you outside my window baby,
put me up on your shelf,
making a chicken and drinking red wine,
I'll twist you like a spoon,
hurry, before we've forgotten we're on the bottom,
I had you for a delicious aftertaste,
and I was with you at the Berlin gate.
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i really dont kno what to say to that but what the hell dose twist you like a spoon mean
I can't make out the meaning of heads or tails of the first stanza, but the 2nd one created such a clear clever image in my head. I tried reading the 2nd stanza alone and it didn't have that same kick, I think the rhythm of the first stanza was necessary for the buildup, and the conclusive feeling came from the vague meaning in the 1st turning into a clear meaning in the 2nd, like fuzzy static going in focus. I love this.
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On second thought, **** tuning forks. You best be carrying around a grand piano that was tuned by an Italian
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gord- twist you like a spoon, you know, the old bending spoons with your mind trick that every human is capable of, especially Barack Obama? it's out there, see?: http://www.twistedspoon.com/

Laces- thanks

haha thats funny they did a studie any one who bent the spoon even a lil did it with there hands but i do see what u mean ok