how much?

My frets are horrible, its an epiphone, and its really bad almost unplayable
You can look at getting them finished too. Sometimes you don't need to completely buy new frets.
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Around $10 a fret.

really?, would I have to get all of them re done or would I be able to just get the ones that are really bad put in?

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You can look at getting them finished too. Sometimes you don't need to completely buy new frets.

even if the frst is like almost down to the fretboard, I can barely play an a on teh first string , and it goes all out of whack if I bend the first string from the fifth to the tenth fret, and then the sixteenth to the twentieth fret
^ You could do however many you want... but not really a good idea - unless like you said, you just have one or two really problematic ones. It's better to do them all at once though.

If the neck is bolt on, you might be better off getting a new one... or if the fretwork is going to cost more than the guitar was worth in the first place... just save for a new guitar.
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^If you can do it yourself it's cheap, if you can't, it's not.
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What exactly do you do to stick them on?

Frets are pressed into slots in the fretboard. That means you have to dig the old ones out first.
ya, I can not do it myself--- I'm not very handy with that type of stuff, and its an sg, so no bolt on, damn, I hope this isn't too expensive, hmm... and I really hope I don't have to get a new guitar =(
Yes its true the fret wire for a single guitar is pretty cheap its the labor to install them properly thats expensive. The tools to do a proper job wont be cheap either. And there is a pretty steep learning curve to doing fret work. Many times w a new guitar getting them leveled will be enough to fix the problem. Epi fret work is known to be anywhere from ok to unplayable. Take it to a decent tech and see what they say.
fretwire and SOME of the tools to do a re-fret job aren't terribly expensive, the specific files (usually diamond coated) can get pricey since they're specialized.

rubber faced mallets can run about $10 bucks.. fretwire can run about 15$ a tube. but the diamond file (or even steel file) sets can run your close to $300.

typically the most expensive part of getting your frets replaced is the labour. its a tedious and time consuming job so the person doing it wants to make sure they're going to be paid well since it will take time away from other jobs they can do.

10 a fret wtf?

Don't they sell like 21 frets for 20 bucks?

fretwire, as the name might imply, comes in a big long strip of .. wire. so each piece is cut to the size needed, then shaped and dressed right on to the guitar.

the tech that may have been offering that as a flat rate so that if you only needed a few or even one fret to be replaced due to scarring or dents, then you wouldn't have to pay for an entire refret, which even at that rate would be $200+ and then taxes.
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