guitar center sent me a $50 giftcard randomly and

i have no other money

this is my amp:

i play on clean channel alot but usually switch to the overdrive in every song, so both clean and overdrive are important and i like very heavy overdrive. i use a couple pedals but my friends russian muff broke so ive only been using the built in OD which is decent but not as good as the muff, i also have a metal muff and tubescreamer. (but not enough input cables to use any effects right now)

the current tubes in there are ****ting out on me, the sound goes in and out and sometimes there are very weird sounds coming out of the amp. im pretty sure its the tubes

i know absolutly nothing about tubes so im hoping someone on here will point me in the right direction, my band is going to try to start recording soon so i really need to fix my amp.

thanks buddies

What kinda stuff will you be playing? Name some influences and the sort.

Different tubes have different characteristics so knowing what kinda sounds you want is a good start

its hard to say since its mostly all original stuff but i guess the sound im going for is Nirvana-ish/hendrix-ish.

GC doesn't carry the best tubes so don't blow money there on that until you narrow down your problem. If I had to guess, you probably have 1 bad (microphonic) preamp tube.

I'd spend the $50 on a Bad Monkey OD pedal. Then, after you figure out your tube situation, spend $12 with dougstubes.com and get a new preamp tube. Assuming that is the problem.

Get a pencil with an eraser. Turn your amp up quite a bit with the guitar unplugged. Gently nudge or tap each preamp tube seperately and see if you can hear that 'tapping' through the speaker. If you can, then you may have a bad preamp tube. Replace it.
well the reason i need to go to gc is b/c they gave me a giftcard and thats the only money i have, i am broke. and wont be getting any money soon (quit my job, spent all my remaining money on cigs and other smokables)

i really dont think i need another OD pedal.

how do i know which ones are the preamp tubes?

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The preamp tubes are smaller.

easier said than done

ok the smaller ones is what i thought, i will go check them now.

Sorry, I didn't see the Tubescreamer part.

Well, I think they mostly have Electro Harmonix and GroveTube preamp tubes. Find your preamp tubes and do the test first. They are probably covered by an aluminim cylinder (shield). Take those off. Don't pull tubes while the amp is running. See the first page of the Valveking thread is you want to see what I'm talking about.
ok i did the test

i removed the 2 alluminum things and turned the amp on and i put a piece of paper against it and tapped it with a pencil

i didnt get any sounds until i hit one of the larger tubes. the way its set up is all the way on the right are the 2 tubes with the alluminum cover, then some other similar sized tubes and then some larger tubes. and one of the larger tubes (3rd from the left) made some sound when i was tapping it.

edit- im thinking about just brining the amp in to GC, this location doesnt seem to be full of idiots in the guitar/amp section so i think they can help.

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Power tubes will do that without being microphonic. Do you think that is the source of the noise?

I personally wouldn't take my amp to GC for repair work. They send there stuff out anyway and you'll pay more.

Check on craigslist for someone selling Amp Tech type skills or find a buddy to help.

PS You don't need to put paper in between. I guess you narrowed it down that it is not a bad preamp tube. Can you try a different guitar?