i just got this finger slide from my dad for my birthday and i can use it to an extent but i wanna learn some songs that involve it just so i can get better with it, any suggestions?

i realize that its in alot of like country/western music but i also heard that pink floyd uses it too but i dunno what song(s)
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a lot of blues singers use it....check this out on youtube its awesome...search "i keep on wanting you" the posters name is "daddystovepipe" he is fire
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White Zombie uses one on More Human Than Human. i think Jack White uses one on Catch Hell Blues. I've also seen Dean DeLeo of STP use one live. i dont remember which song though....
"If","Atom Heart Mother","Wish You Were Here" and "Fat Old Sun" all have slide parts(all by PF,obviously)
the intro to sticky sweet by motley crue

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