Hey guys,

SO I'm trying to learn guitar. Chords, fingerpicking I realize this jsut really comes down to practice, learning to strum however requires a finess that's pretty hard to teach yourself. I'm not saying learning guitar is easy by anymeans. So I'm wondering about strum patterns, is there something I'm missing? Somehow when I see 1&2&3&4& I realize they're 1/8th notes, but when I strum that it just doesn't come out right. Anyhelp would be greatly appreciated. Specifically for Livin` Our Love Song - Jason Micheal Carol, and Wintersleep's Weighty Ghost. I'm trying to learn them for my girlfriend.

I'm trying to learn them for my girlfriend.

Very nice strategy mate.
Just keep your wrist loose and start of slow with a metronome. Its the only way, or you can take lessons and your teacher can help. Mine did a lot.
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For the pattern you posted, it's D/u/D/u/D/u/D/u with emphasis on the capitalized D's.
well, dont think u can impress your girlfriend with a month of guitar playing (maybe if.. nvm..).
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