Well, I don't think I need to tell you guys that I'm incredibly upset...if I don't take action soon I fear that the death of my beautiful Oscar-Schmidt OG-2M will be imminent. Though it was not expensive (only $80 at a pawn shop), it has beautiful sound and I have an emotional connection to her.

The problem is that the bridge is pulling away from the body, and as it does this it is peeling the face layer of wood away with it. If it pulls away completely it will destroy my guitar. I think the fact that it's pulling the face away with it has slowed it's progress down a lot...as of now there is about a quarter of an inch of space between the bottom edge of the bridge and the body.

What I think I'll do is take the strings off and glue the bridge back down with Gorilla Glue, then clamp it with a C clamp and let it dry for a day or two before I restring it. Because it's pulling away the face layer of wood, the glue will not be in between the bridge and the body, but between the face layer of wood and the layer beneath it. It should be as simple as gluing it then clamping it down so it's flush again, right? I ask because I couldn't find a single thing about this on the net; plenty of stuff about damaged bridges and bridges that pull away because they weren't glued properly...but there's nothing wrong with my bridge, just weak wood that couldn't handle the tension of years of play....it's amazing it didn't happen sooner, considering this is a guitar that was made in the mid-90's.
Woah, woah woah, the TOP has already started splitting with the lifting bridge?

You need to get that guitar re-topped or get a new guitar. Sorry.
maybe some pics if possible to make it more clear?
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I say take it to a shop, or a tech, or a luthier who knows what they're doing ASAP if you want to save her. Quickly. Very quickly. Quick like bunnies.
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