Not really, but I am intend to. Wondering what would be a good price to ask for a used Epi LP Custom Ebony with brand new 81/85 EMGs installed? The guitar is in a pretty good state, has some minor signs of usage (some scratches and such, you know). Luthier had a look at the guitar recently, so it's set up and all that.
Local stores are selling the Epi LP Customs at around 1900 zł (polish currency, with current rate it's about 650$).
I was thinking around 700$, since it' used, but is in a good state, and has the EMGs installed.
What do you reckon?
any pics? (maybe close-ups of the scratches)
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Not a terrible price but would have to seem some pics and get full specs.
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do you still have the old pickups? i would mention that when you're selling it. if it has ANY dings or scratches, people are going to jump on that as an excuse to get you to lower your price. try to see if they can be buffed out or if you can get something similar done and if it's worth the price. no use paying for a $400 refin if you're just going to sell it.
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What I meant with scratches is the minor stuff you can only see reflecting in some sort of light, nothing serious. You'd have to examine the guitar closely and really search for that sort of stuff to notice 'em, there are no scratches you'd notice at a glance.

Anyway, I am only asking for a price I should ask for, I only intend to sell the guitar in Poland, not outside the country.

For the record, the price is slightly higher than a brand new guitar of the same type only because of the pricey EMGs installed. I'd think these are worth it though.

EDIT: I do have the old pickups, but it'd be useless for anyone to buy the guitar with EMGs only to take 'em out and put the old ones in. Anyone with half a brain would go after a brand new one in this case. So I could just throw the old ones as a bonus, I won't have much of use outta 'em myself anyway.
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i think whatver $700USD translates into would be a good asking price.
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The EMGs in it won't get you that much of a better price. I always look on the market for used guitars with EMGs installed in and the price isn't that much higher (that's good if you're a buyer). I would just put the original pickups back in and keep the EMGs for another guitar if I were you, or sell them separately, parts are always worth more when they're just parts.
The fact remains that it's a 2nd hand epiphone. realistically, aim for 50-60% of retail. If you get more than that, then that's great luck for you but try not to be overly optimistic with your expectations.