Hi everyone,

I was just wondering if anyone could suggest some guitars for me, because I've made a bit of money this summer and I'm looking to purchase some new axes.

I've been playing a Godin SD (a loose cross between a Strat and a Les Paul) for a long time now. It's a really versatile guitar and it's served me well, but I think it's time for a change. I play mainly jazz and metal, so I am thinking of buying a jazz-oriented guitar, as well as a shred guitar or one otherwise better suited for hard rock/metal, and then keeping my Godin SD for everything in between.

So, I would really appreciate suggestions for A) A jazz guitar, I am not really sure if a hollow-body is the for sure way to go and I don't really know much about which brand names are good AND/OR B) a metal/shred guitar, I need something with a fixed bridge as I am constantly playing in all kinds of different drop/altered tunings. Other than that, the only restriction I have is price, preferably under $1,000 for each guitar.

I hope that this makes sense to everyone. Any suggestions about anything are much appreciated!!!

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You might want to look into schecter guitars, I use mine for playing metal with my garage band and I use it to play jazz in my school jazz ensamble. Most of their guitars have the ability to coil tap so use the humbuckers for the heavy stuff, and then coil tap it when you play jazz to clean up the tone really nicely.