I'm interested in buying a 7 string guitar under $600, With a bearable sound, good playability, and a fixed bridge so I can go drop tuning. I have tried a few Scheters(sp) in the $800 range and I did not happen to like the tone of them at all, The playability was fine but the sound on my Vypyr 15w practice amp was terrible compared to my stock INFs in my $400 RG4EXFM1 6 string(which are considered good/bearable to me). I tried the RG7321 and I thought the stock pickups were bad too, Playability excellent. I heard about Agiles but have no way in trying them.

The sounds and settings are the Vypyr modeling amp I tried the guitars on were tweak-able(should be no big difference since it's not a tube amp), the same settings I tried on my 6 string sounded good, didn't sound well on the 7 strings at all and I could notice the sound in the pickups. Are 7 string pickups naturally weaker? The sound sounded thinner to me, like scooped mids/high treble. I'm not interested in any Scheters, if anyone has any suggestions thank you.

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For 7 strings, you can find the best deals by going used. If you're an Ibanez fan you should look at getting a used RG7421/7621.
I wouldnt rule out Schecters at all. Especially if you say you liked the playability of them. Alot of them have EMGs, but the Blackjack has a good set of Seymour Duncans in it.
Also, Ibanez's stock pickups are generally regarded as being terrible. They probably sounded weaker or bad to you, because you need extra clarity and response to keep the sound tight when going as low as a low B.
That ESP/LTD is also a good choice, but alot of people dont like the wierd pickups configuration. The higher end LTD model has EMGs and a baritone scale length which may be worth looking into. It is closer to a grand though.
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lmao AGILE PATROL +1^ the interceptors are sick ebony fretboard and whatnot
I been eying the tribal green pro 27 interceptor for a month now. I wish it came in a fixed bridge!
Agile is amazing.

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If you liked the playability of the RG, then maybe get that and save up for some new pick ups for it? With the stock pups It would sound alot better through a better amp though, but I guess thats a given
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