I've just wired my current project up using this diagram.


Though I moved the orange wire from the 2nd tone control up to the vacant connector on the diagram to wire the tone to the bridge pickup rather than middle pickup. (I don't like having a tone control on my middle pickup and I need a tone for the bridge)

Initially all I got was buzzing in all selector settings and then still buzzing when touching the bridge and no pickup sound. (Though I'm pretty sure I wired the tip to hot which I thought was the correct way round?).

Anyway I reversed the output jack wires and now I have an unacceptable amount of hum which improves when touching the bridge and a very weak output from each selector position.

I'm guessing the issue lays around the wire from the switch to the volume pot or the common wiper for the switch which is also wired to that lug on the switch (and then across to the other side of the switch).

It's dark here now so I can't look at this until the morning but I'd welcome any suggestions as to where to look as I don't fancy re-doing the full wiring job unless I really have to.

Any wiring folk have any idea as to my issue?


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Try to see if your question is answered on the first page of the wiring thread (sig). If not, please post the details (and a good pic) there.

Try remoing the tones and see if you still get the problem. If so, the problem is not in the tones.