Hello, I just asked a question in the FR thread. But I need answers as fast as possible so I'm just asking here:

I have a Jackson RR3 with floyd rose. And I want to try to tune it down to Eb or D, I use 9's now. Could I just replace them with 10's or 11's without changing the springs in the back of the guitar?
I am aware of that I won't be able to tune it back to standard again when I use heavier gauge strings.
When I swapped my RR3 from Drop D to Drop B (9-46 to 11-54) I found that the overall tension remained almost exactly the same so I didn't need to adjust anything. The only way to find out is to try, I reckon a step down with a .1 increase shouldn't need much adjustment. You probably won't need to change the springs, just tighten the screws a bit
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maybe, might just need to loosen the screws holing the springs in back a touch
Ok, so if I want to tune it to D (not drop D) should I buy the 11's?
do a web search on "guitar string tension calculator"
Put in the gauges and tuning that the guitar currently has .
When you put in the tuning you want to go to, adjust the string gauge until the tensions match and there you go . I have used this method to switch a guitar to a drop tuning.

One thing to watch out for, the slots in the nut (and even bridge) may be too small for the increased string size, so they will sit a little higher.
Because I'm feeling nice today .....

Current setup
E .009" PL == 13.13#
B, .011" PL == 11.01#
G, .016" PL == 14.68#
D, .024" NW == 15.77#
A,, .032" NW == 15.77#
E,, .042" NW == 14.77#
total == 85.13#

Dropped whole setp down
D .010" PL == 12.87#
A, .012" PL == 10.4#
F, .018" PL == 14.74#
C, .027" NW == 15.76#
G,, .036" NW == 15.51#
D,, .047" NW == 14.45#
total == 83.73#

Those were the closest I could get ..

I used this

Ok, thanks I think I'm going to buy both the 10's and 11's just to try how it works.