hi all, i put the following question in another part of this forum and thought id put it here too seen as its on acoustic guitar !!

(hey all. k im learning polly at the moment and i was wondering about the way kurt played it (nevermind album). when he plays the power chords hes strumming up and down. all you can hear is the power chords his strumming , u cant hear any open strings. is he mutting the other strings with his finger?? i apologise if this is a stupid question. any suggestions on how to play this song properly are greatly welcomed. thanx !)
now i got back some obvious answers (ex) hes only hitting the power chords and no other strings, which i was expecting. i have looked up people playin the song on youtube and most of them are hitting open strings along with the barre chords. if any of ye have played polly which way do you play it???
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