Yeah, some of you saw my NGD thread the other day where I bought an Alvarez MD90C. Well, im beginning to wonder, "What's up with the built in tuner?" I go and turn it on, and I strum a string to see if it's in tune, and it does just about nothing. Sometimes it'll pickup whether or not the low E is flat or sharp, but other than that, it doesn't seem to do much...I don't think the battery is dying, because when I plug in it works just fine. Am I doing anything wrong? Is the tuner part of the electronics shot? Also, there is a microphone inside of the guitar hooked up to the AUX IN Input on the preamp/EQ, just like it's built for; Does that have anything to do with it?

Thanks for you help A&C, it's very appreciated.
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Dont you have to plug the guitar in to complete the circuit? Like with active pickups, the battery doesnt run flat when not not plugged in because the circuit is broken, no current is flowing from the pickups. Try plugging the guitar into an amp and trying the tuner
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Nah, acoustic preamps are stand alone power sources.

Umm....wow that is strange. I'd call the guy that sold it to you and ask if he had this problem and if he did what he did to fix it.
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