Okay so my Mom's boyfriend plays guitar and I do to. We decided now that he has an amp, we can create a song. Well we got what I think is pretty good solid intro lmao but we're stuck after that, we need a chorus and stuff like that but it's getting difficult to come up with stuff, I give props to all bands now that I understand how hard it is to create just one song lol. But yeah any tips or suggestions, please I'm greatful.

Our intro is a bit 80s power metalish, and then we have a main riff after that and then we're stuck with coming up with something after the main riff, because lyrics needs to come in and do a chorus part or something, that's what he was saying. So tips and suggestions and advice, is very much appreciated.
Find other music that you're trying to sound like and analyze the theory behind it, then apply those elements into your song. If you don't know any theory, now would be a good time to learn.
I'm self taught so I don't know any music theory. We're not trying to sound like anyone in general, we want our own thing.
what i do, i just play around, and if i play something that sounds almost half decent, i work on it, and turn it into something decent lol. works for me
sometimes you write a song in 30minutes, sometimes you dont.
relax and play around, listen to music to get some ideas. dont force yourself.
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Does there always have to be a chorus or can we just put in what we think sounds good together?

Actually, the music police will come take you away to music jail if you don't have a chorus in your song.

The above was sarcasm.

If it sounds good, it's good. If you have writer's block then definitely get some theory under your belt. Lessons or classes are the best thing but if you're broke then http://www.musictheory.net is the next best thing.