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I'm trying to sell it as we speak. It needs a new pot and some pickguard screws. But I'm too lazy to buy the parts, do the work, take pictures, and make the listing. So it just sits in the corner collecting dust. But I don't like anything about it and I have much better guitars, so it may be different for me. I have no reason to ever pick it up again.
Probably not, I get attached to things like that too easily. It just gathers dust though so I was thinking of modding it in some way, turning it into a project.

I wish I could just grow a set of balls and sell it though!
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Probably not. Its a junky first act but I may never sell it. I'll mess around with it as a project guitar since I'm interested in guitar repair. I'll use the pickup casing to build my own humbucker, I'll level the neck, I'll refinish it... It seems rather lightweight even compared with my Squier Telecaster but I don't have to worry about messing it up much since it only cost me $25.
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Don't think so. Gonna paint it like the St. Andrews Cross

Do I need to take it apart if I'm going to re-paint it?
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Probably not, I get attached to things like that too easily. It just gathers dust though so I was thinking of modding it in some way, turning it into a project.

I wish I could just grow a set of balls and sell it though!

Thats a good idea. Im the same as you, I should really get my finger out and learn how these thigns work, but just cant really afford the time/worried I would ruin it. Ive always quite liked the idea that if I ever have kids that they would learn on the same guitar that I did
yes. in fact, i already did...sorta.

my first GUITAR was a crappy silvetone bass i got cuz my older bro had an electric and my lil bro planned on gettin drums, so i thought we would be able to jam. then i decided i hate palying bass, and got an electric. the bass i sold. i have my first electric still, but i guess i would sell it if i could. dont think i would get much for a used squier bullet though. maybe $20.
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I still got mine and I don't plan on selling it any time soon. I got it 7 years ago when I decided I wanted to play guitar, and it's been the best thing to ever happen to me. It isn't even expensive either. It cost me £150 and it still sounds good. I reckon it needs a decent set-up but I hardly play Acoustic these days to warrant spending money on it. I actually have been thinking of buying a new one. However, my younger brother uses the Acoustic I started with so maybe he can get the same use out of it that I got.

Most of the stuff I know. I learned on that thing.
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No, nobody would want to buy a squier that's been beat to hell, had most of the finish sanded off, and completely dismantled.
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No I would not. I love my two horned baby
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It's an Epi SG Special, I couldn't sell it even if I wanted to.
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My first guitar : yes, it play like crap
My first REAL guitar that I bought(?) myself : hell no , too many memories into it
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Fuck yes, I'm trying to now, I just need a new pickup screw and a soldering iron and it'll be ready to go.

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No way. Not happening. I'm keeping my first acoustic as a beater and I'm modding my first electric.

Beyond that I plan on having kids someday so having a guitar that can get beat around for them to learn on already at my disposal is a good thing
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already sold the first guitar i got as a gift, but i bought my first (the rg) and ill never get rid of it unless im trading up for a prestige or something
I'd say that POS in a heartbeat.

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I would sell mine if it wasn't a total piece of crap and completely worthless.
Yes. Don't miss it, would do it again etc.
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Probably not. I'm too attached to my stuff to sell it off, and well I probably wouldn't be able to sell it for a whole lot either way.
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No, seeing as it is a junk first act and I would make 5$ off of it. Besides, I'm smashing the motherfucker at my first gig.
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My first guitar isn't worth anything, so no. And my first electric was a MIM Strat and it kicks ass and there's no way I'd ever sell it. Hell, a few years ago I let some guy play it and he offered me $1000 for it and I couldn't do it. My only complaint is that the frets are so small.
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I 2nd this sir
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I already did, and yes, it was sad to let it go no matter how much it sucked.
Wave goodbye to the past.
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Already did... It was kind of stupid since I only got $60 for it But oh well, I really needed the money.

When I think of all the crap guitars that I have bought, and then sold, I get kind of pissed off thinking that I could have bought a really nice guitar for the same amount of money that I spent to buy all the crappy ones >.<

I still have my second guitar, though. It's even worse than my first one ! It's a Warlock... I plan to paint in neon-green just as a slap in the face to BC Rich for making such terrible instruments.
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Absolutely not. It's still my #2 guitar in terms of playing, but I'd even prefer to sell my #1 rather than sell my first.

I've still got my first amp too. It's been sat in the same corner of my bedroom for years, can't bring myself to even move it.
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Yes, it was a P.O.S.

same for me. good riddance
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Nope! While sentimental value could well be a major reason for that, there's also the fact that its neck is horribly warped (this mutation was most likely the reason it was oh-so-cheap in the dodgy AZN music store) and there are probably countless spider webs covering it by now. Who the heck would want to buy it?! No one sane would.
My first Acoustic, possibly, maybe not for sentimental value, but my first electirc, not a chance. Its a MIM strat that I'm planning on modding a bit, so thatll stay with me a long while
Earlier this year I sold my first guitar, a Fender Prodigy II (HSS), maple fretboard, 22 jumbo frets, black body and black pickguard... It had a Khaler tremolo system.

I got a 250 $ credit towards the purchase of an LTD EC-400VF (Les Paul like with JB/59 pickup combo).

It needed a fret job, and the pickups had surface rust on them... I didn't like the guitar anymore, but I read off the web that the Prodigy is/was a very fine guitar that was made in 1991 and 1992 only. So it's pretty rare. Maybe I should've kept it. Oh well!
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I will never sell it. I swapped the bridge pup and the tuning machines, and I always try new stuff on it. It plays so well though, especially for a $300 Ibanez- it isn't hard to keep it relevant.

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