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I did this in the metal forum, but was told to come here, so here i am!

This will be a fun game. What we'll do is each submit three notes. Once we get to four hundred posts i'll combine it all into a song, and then we'll all have made some music! Specify melodic or harmonic, harmonic chord is a maximum of only three notes. If you want more, ask the person after you to complete it. I'll throw in repeats every four measures. I'll start.


Who's next?
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cmon, play nice! it won't work if we don't all work together!

We're doing really good so far!


(If I'm not mistaken, some people use "H" instead of "B")

So, yeah, it's BBB
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E A# E
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It's okay because whatever, forever
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D A Gm
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g f c
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C, F#, C

hell yeah :P

I write songs.
Currently Requiring Crits:
C flat, E sharp, E sharp


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C-flat and a half,G-half sharp and E half flat Microtonal ftw
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c'' d#' g#''

you all wrote low notes
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