Hey guys, this is my attempt at a power metal/melodeath song, only just started it so still need to expand on the riffs ive already got, just your opinion on whats good/bad and what i can do to improve it

p.s. im useless at programming drums so i just took a simple beat off another (that shall remain unnamed) song
Song idea1.gp5
Ok, it starts a bit too abruptly, you have to come up with a short intro or at least a drum fill.
The riff is okay and I like the idea of the dissonant chord, but the timing isn't right. it's a bit too strange for my liking. The probleme is, you heard it over and over and it sounds familiar to your ears, but everyone else is irritated. make the two guitars play 1 dissont chord at the beginning of the next bar or split it up a bit, but the way it is now, it is too strange.

Try this at the beginning
      E   E   E   E   E   E   Q     

If you liek check out my song, It's also not finished yet
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i got rid of the chords at the end of each bar, and filled the gap with a little riff but i think i could put something else there?
Song idea1.gp5
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