For a heavy Alice and Chains like band. I 'm 15 and need a relatively cheap and LOUD amp with little feedback. Need good metal tones and a decent amp for recording and loud enough to play with a band in a high school auditorium. What do you guys think
you can get a tube amp that will be much louder for that $$$, i would suggest the B-52 AT-112

Edit: or that ^
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if you're going to spend around $400 get a blackstar ht-5

No, 5 watts is not enough to jam with a band.


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i have cube 30 and that has some really good heavy tones when you use the rectifier setting, and its reeeally loud for a 30 watt amp so i'm guessing the 60 will be the same.
the amp isn't that noisey so should be ok for recording.

the 30 is a sweet amp so i should think the 60 will be too
look at demos of the amp on youtube and stuff for ideas of the sounds that's what helped mr pick an amp and i settled for the cube and glad i did
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No, 5 watts is not enough to jam with a band.

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