So i have been messing around with my Vypyr 60w and i found a pretty good tone on the recto channel. It just seems like theres not to much distortion. When I listen to bands like The Devil Wears Prada, Attack Attack, Bfmv, you get the idea they all have an awesome heavy tone with plenty of distortion. I tried throwing on the tube screamer or the XR Wild ( both od pedals) and they just color the tone and make it sound way to over driven even if the settings are at minimum... idk what else to say hopefully your catching my drift >.<

oh and sorry if this isnt the right forum XD

woops forgot to add. I play a Schecter Omen 6 all stock
Not the right forum, but I'll try to help you.

You can tweak the settings on those amps, right? I hate Vypyrs, but oh well. Crank the drive up all the way. Add some pretty high treble, flip the pickup switch on your guitar to the bridge pickup and crank the tone on the guitar to 10.

You don't want to use a distortion pedal while on a distortion channel. Like you found out, it sounds like ****. Pedals sound the best on a clean channel. So use the clean channel with those pedals.

I'm not sure, but I think a tube screamer really won't sound good on your amp because I think it's a solid state. Not a tube amp. Correct me if I'm wrong.
Get a Bronze Warlock and bass strings for your guitar, drop the tuning about 3 octaves down and sacrify a goat for Satan. Repaint the guitar with the goat's blood, put its skull on your headstock and make a strap out of the goat's skin. Your guitar has to be under the ground that will make you look uncomfortably METAL. Play your guitar through 5 BOSS METALZONE pedals and the Spider III's Insane-channel. Crank up the gain and set all the EQ-controls to 10, crank it up to 12 and play only with your THUMB. That will make you sound more br00t4l than anything else!

On-Topic: Rec-Channel, Scoop mids (mids at 9 o'clock, bass at 3'o clock and high on 3,5'o clock sounds good on my Vypyr 15), turn up gain to 3'o clock at least. That works for me pretty well. The distortion should be enough, if not, maybe cranking it helps.
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i use

treb at 12, mid at 3-4 and bass at 7-10

try use those, see what you get, that's bassicly what i use to get a heavey tone then i tweak it from there.