Nice version, Im not too sure about the effects on the voice though. I would prefer a more raw vocal, but thats just personal taste I guess
Yea I understand what you mean, it is just a demo at the moment. The vocals had effects added for experimenting. I'm 16 and studyng Level 3 Music Tech in college in september so I need to get to ropes with things.
Wow. I actually really enjoyed listening to that, I was expecting some teen thinking they can sing, but woah, I loved it. You should definitely go on youtube & post you singing, because a lot of people who do that, eventually get signed. I know I'd definitely subscribe to you on it.. but woah, even if that was just a demo, I loved it. You have talent! I vote you go on X Factor . But seriously, really good. Lemme know when you post more okay?
Well, one thing I need to get off my chest before I crit this: While I am a huge fan of Buckley and his cover of this song, it's not Jeff's song, it's Leonard Cohen's song.

Ok, for the critique. The instrumentation sounds pretty good. The vocals sound a little nasally and forced and the auto-tune drives me crazy. The sound quality is pretty good. Clean up the vocals and uninstall the auto-tune and it could be a good cover.

Also, get the lyrics right.

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