Looking for members. Message me on aim: gameofapocalypse or email mislam007@gmail dot com.

Looking for someone who can write indie music in the styles of the strokes, arctic monkeys, we are scientists, bloc party, ect.

If you want to program and eq drums? COOL.
You want to record guitar? COOL
You want to record bass? COOL

I can do any of the above 3, but want to collaborate. Tired of making music alone (Looking for new perspective),

Obviously, you need good recording gear - since this is an online band.

We'll trade samples once you contact me.


Love those bands. I'd be interested, but I'd prefer to write instrument parts for others' songs, as opposed to writing my own songs for the band. I like to keep those for my real band. I can play guitar or bass, but I don't have good recording stuff(RockBand mic and Audacity)