I did a quick search and I didn't quite find what I was looking for so I figured I'd make a thread about it. If I missed a thread comparing these two basses feel free to make me look an an idiot :p

If you don't feel like reading the whole thing skip right to the bottom for the million dollar question.

I've recently been GASing for a cheap Jazz bass copy and I've been eyeing the SX for a week or two ow but today I came across the Squire VM on Musician's Friend and I was wondering if anyone could offer some advice?

The price is close enough for me that I don't care which costs more, just which one sounds "better". When I say better I'd like whichever one is most versatile and has the most punch/growl. I immediately noticed that the Squire has a maple body as opposed to the ash on the SX but IIRC they're bright sounding woods with a lot of bite and good sustain so I'm not sure which would be better in that department.

The other thing I was thinking about is electronics. The Squire has the Duncan Designed pickups which sound great but I could always swap out the pups in the Sx for something else since it's 100$ cheaper.

I guess it ultimately comes down to the body wood and build quality.
Which bass is put together the best and has the punchiest/growliest tone?

Any help would be appreciated.


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personally I would say the Squier, thats mainly due to the fact almost every Squier I've ever played has been a good piece of kit
I use an Ash SX bass, I really love it! It doesn't play as good as an original Jazz, and the tone is a little bit more muddy...But for the price, I think it's near impossible to beat.
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Just doing some Googling.

Maple bodys as a result of its greater weight and lower sound velocity, can be downright flat sounding

Swamp ash has "more punch and grow", "a lighter weight soft wood which produces a punchy tone and low mids"
The original Precision body was ash.

There is a Fender American Deluxe Jazz in Ash.
Fender Marcus Miller is Maple.

Theres lots of bass made with Maple and Ash, professional and starter.

So Ash SX seems like a pretty solid buy. If you don't care about brand.

For the extra $100 you save on the SX, you could upgrade the pups to Basslines, SD, EMG or DiMarzio. Or get Badass II bridge. Which would improve the tone.

I tried my friend's SX bass. He plays in my schools Jazz band and it sounded pretty good and felt good.
Actually the pickups in an SX are one of the best things about them. I doubt you could tell the difference between an SX and a Fender, honestly. IIRC They're made to the same specs as MIM pups. The pots are what really need replacing, which is true for almost anything with minipots.

As far as which is the better buy, I'd have to say the SX, especially if you get an LTD model, which has upgraded hardware and electronics, as well as hand-filed frets. There's only one LTD in stock right now, though...this one:
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How do you know there's only one left?

I'll probably be wanting to get it around Christmastime and they're supposed to re-stock around that time so hopefully that'll work out.
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