So I have everything planned out for what I want to do with my Dean to make it tons better and save me time by not having to look at a million other guitars and spend $800 on my next guitar when I can just mod the one I absolutely love to death.

Anyway, so I know what I want for pickups:
JB at bridge, SH-2N Jazz pickup at neck. Ironically they will match my crappy stock pickups in color.

New bridge:
TonePros Metric Tune-o-Matic bridge with GraphTech saddles, in chrome.

New volume and tone knobs... Gonna replace them with gold and purple DiMarzio speed knobs. Vikings ftw.

And here's my dilemma. Little cash (oh well, right?), strap locks and locking tuners.

Since it's a lower middle-end Dean, it's got a bolt on neck (duh) and one of the strap knobs is behind the neck on the bolt-on plate. The other one is underneath the left wing. The problem, what strap locks fit this guitar?

Locking tuners, hmm. It's a Dean. So it's got the V headstock. 3 per side tuners. Not all locking tuners fit how they should. Has anyone ever put locking tuners in a Dean?

Thanks for all your help!!
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Ironically they will match my crappy stock pickups in color.

You have no idea what the definition of irony is, do you?

As per your dilemma, it's going to be a matter of knowing the dimensions as they are. I know I had to slightly open up the holes on my guitar when I put Dunlop straploks on it, so it could happen coming from the stocks on your Dean. Unscrew one of them, and take a look at the size of the screw, and compare it with the ones you want to put in. If it's the same size, you're ready to go. if your new strap screws are thicker than the stocks, you'll obviously need to do some drilling. Not a hard thing, just take it carefully.

That's about all I can help you with, good luck.
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get some schaller strap locks.Pretty much a straight conversion.Take out the old strap button,put on the new on.
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