Yesterday I bought Peter Tosh's Legalize It on vinyl at a local record store. The owner told me that it was actually his vinyl that he has owned for 20 years but no longer listens to. He said it was kinda rare cause it had a sticker that said "legalize it" on the cover, I didnt know if I should believe him or not so I looked it up on my phone and found out that that sticker only came on the first shipment of them, so I figured he was telling the truth. So when I get home I find on the back of the case on the top left it says "Demonstration not for sale", I was thinking it might've been a copy given to a radio station or something that might make it a little bit more unique and after google-ing what that might mean I couldnt find an answer so here I am looking for some insight to what this might mean.
I didnt pay that much for it, I could care less if its really that rare or not its a great listen. I was just curious to why it has the "demonstration not for sale" on the back of it. Its obviously pretty old cause the inside sleeve is starting to change color from white to cream over the years of it being around.