I am looking to buy this Squier Vintage Modified Strat in cherry sunburst for $350.00 the model number is 030-1200-530. Also for my new amp i was looking at a line 6 Spider II 212 for $189.99 if anbody could giv me their opinion before i go spend all my hard earned money on this if they think it is worth it. Thanks ahead
I've herd good things about the VM strats from a couple other users

as for the amp, it's usually suggested around these parts to stay away from line 6 spiders, the spider II's aren't as bad as the spider III's from what i hear though

what is your amp budget and what are you looking for in an amp?
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my budget is under 200 for the amp unless i dont get a new guitar then it would be 300- 350 (so i could save some money)
The guitar I hear is really good.
But the amp, around that price range, look into things like the VOX AD series and the Peavey Vypyr series.
But I'd put a bit more money onto the amp and go for a similar (or the same but used) guitar, and get something like a used valve amp (like a Peavey Valveking or Marshall DSL401 depending on how good a bargain you get.) or maybe a higher end solid state practice amp.
you should look at a peavey vypyr rather than a spider
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ive heard good about line 6's and my friends who play have them and their AWESOME it is a 100 watt for 190.00 which is cheep
We cant tell you what sounds good to you, but most of UG thinks spiders are horrible and I agree.
I'd recommend a vypyr or Roland cube
Quote by lewisw
you should look at a peavey vypyr rather than a spider

That or a Roland Cube!
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Get a roland cube as stated above, if u do tht u get abit of money left over and if u go into a shop and ask for them u can usually get a good deal.

Try to push ur option up to a classic vibe squier as they rival a MiM alot of the time
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