Hey guys well i've been playing for about 8 months now and i made a backing track and a little solo over it. Now let me tell you a couple things before you rate.

1. I could not really stop during the solo, because my amp gives alot of feedback.
2. please to lord ignore the last 3 seconds (after the tremolo picking)

here it is http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uzcJyRUkAgw

Oh also please just give me a few tips on how i would go about learning how to improvise better, make the solo more "exciting". Or any other comments are appreciated
Quote by Turkeyburger
Instead of just running through scales, try to put some oomph into it.


Try not to get too stuck into shapes. Also, the best kinds of improv have repeating melodies and riffs. If you find something that sounds great in a certain rhythm, vamp on that, add a little here and there, but don't go beyond the basic structure unless you're trying to establish a different mood. If you really think about your playing more (it takes some time to get to this stage) you can really make some great sounding solos.