You know, those moments were months of practice all come together and it makes you feel so good. For me, I have been playing for 6 months, and after a lot of practice on scales, changing direction and tempos, throwing in bends and legato and stuff, my soloing was nowhere near what I wanted it to be. Yesterday, I attempted the first solo to Jump in the Fire by Metallica, and.... it's actually not to hard. I tried it months ago and gave up instantly, now I can actually kinda play it.
What about you guys? What were the moments in your guitar playing that really made you feel proud because of all the effort that went into it previously? What were the biggest milestones you have achieved?
idk im to the point where i can play any guitar part that i want to, which feels good

even though it doesnt include really hard songs, ive come pretty far. i get what you're saying
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I actually had the same thing for a metallica song. i had been trying to finish the solo and the whole song, then one day out of nowhere i finished the whole song!!! Now i can play the entire song
it's basically exactly the same with me. i try to learn a solo, practice the hell out of it, but semi-fail, so then i give up, but i try to play it a couple weeks or months later, and i can do it! but i guess that's not really a sudden increase then...
My jumps in skill increases sometimes come after a break from guitar playing. Maybe it's all that pent up rock, but after a three week vacation with no guitar, I was finding a lot of fast blues stuff pretty easy.
Usually after breaks like SeanJovi, but only if I was actually trying to fix my skills before those breaks.
I get them after I take a break from playing, as in not playing for a week or so
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2 Months ish ago
Learnt how to sweep pick at only 11 months of guitar lol
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I've been playing a little over 17 years. Good news - you still get the jumps in proficiency after stuff you've been working on just comes together. They're not as big as in the early years, but they still happen. Typically, it seems I'll get a little bump every 40 or 50 hours of practice.
^ Every hour practiced gives 10 EXP. Every 4000-5000 EXP you level up!

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I had a moment when I just figured out how to sweep. I looked around and discovered what I was doing and I was like "Damn."
How to hammer-on pretty quickly and do legato runs begin July, and my picking skills improved greatly in this vacation as well...
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^ Every hour practiced gives 10 EXP. Every 4000-5000 EXP you level up!

What? A gamer can't rock out too? XD

That's funny, dude. I hadn't thought about it like that.
Today is my first day playing guitar,

I wentt from having trouble holding the fret barre
to being able to play the G and A bar chords and Nirvana Come as You Are. I have a guitar teacher named Derek and he is helping me play the instrument

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I was working on a riff, just trying to build speed... then I went camping for a week... and when I cam back I could play it really well for some reason! Like better than I could before I left... and I didn't practice at all while camping O_o
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2 & 1/2 - step bends with my pinky only.
I would imagine that to be the most uneven, frail bend ever.

I guess mine would be 3-string sweeps. Next will probably be 5-string sweeps, but I wish my learning of harmonic minor would be going faster. Another 6 months and I should have more complex sweeping down, be better at tapping, and hopefully put practice of harm. minor and its modes behind the major scale and its modes.
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I think one day i was just playing around on my guitar and my friend asked me to sweep(knowing it was gonna sound like ass)
so i swept and it actually sounded clean and was fast.
ever since then i was able to sweep better than most jackasses on youtube
who claim they can sweep.
I could bend and do vibrato´s like the 8th day i played guitar then i sucked for 14 months and now i found out 2 weeks ago that i play VERY clean (Apparantly to some people i played with). Also i don´t know any theory but still can make cool riffs and stuff. The only thing i suck at now are Techniques like Sweep picking (wich i dont use in my style of music) ,shredding and making up ORIGINAL solo´s.

Tl;dr = I was awesome first says, then i sucked, then i found creativity.
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My alternate picking speed doubled for some reason a couple of weeks ago. Well, I'm not complaining

My downpicking speed still sucks though
About a week ago I made a major step and could play a lot of solos I couldn't do well near flawlessly now.
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