hey everyone. i've got a question for anyone who's ever fixed an acoustic guitar. i found one the other day and its in ok shape, but theres one problem: the neck's snapped off. thankfully, it wasn't a through-neck guitar so it was a clean break and its in two pieces. i can snap them back together and i was going to glue it back on but i was told that the strings would put too much stress on it and the neck would just pop right back off. i would just fix it and then display it, but when i told my friend about it she got very excited. see, she's been looking for a guitar and i told her i'd sell it to her for cheap when it was fixed, and i'd rather not have her hurt because the neck broke off while she was playing. Does anyone know a way i can fix it so it stays fixed? i'd greatly appreciate it.
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i hear monkey glue is really sticky. i have a friend who reattached his bridge to his acoustic with it
Glue is stronger than the wood on the neck. If you do it right, it'll be FAR more stable.
To the people who say glue, wouldn't the extra space screw with relevance of the frets?

I like how you say it's in perfect shape. And then proceed to tell us the neck has snapped off.

Use Pva wood glue, You DON'T need much, a thin layer on both parts then sick 'em together and hold them together with a couple of decent clamps for 24 hours (to be safe) then test it. And by test it I mean stringing the bitch up and putting additional strain on the neck.
If it snaps then take it to a professional Luthier.
I'm in the process of building an acoustic myself though. And I can tell you, A thin layer is ALL you need, in fact, the less the better (within reason) due to how the glue bonds with the wood.
And the joint should definitely be VERY strong. In fact. My nephew accidentally broke the soundboard of my in progress acoustic, and the joint itself didn't break at all. The wood itself did!

So yeah, use a thin layer of Pva wood glue on both parts, clamp them together and leave 'em. Then test.

Gear Building & Customizing. They do repair stuff there too.

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Sell it to her???

Theres a good chance you will sell your friend a guitar that is shit.
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i know there's a good possibility that it'll be a piece of crap. i was planning on keeping it for a month or so to test it and make sure its actually a good guitar. i told her that already and she's cool with it. thanks for the tip though

and to the person that told me about the PVA glue, thank you. i'm gonna see if i can get a message straight to you, but in case you read this first, where can i pick some up? like in home depot or something? i've never heard of it so i don't really know where to look.

to everyone else, thanks for the help. except the idiot who said to use duct tape. that was even worse than my friends idea of using a nail gun. thanks anyway though, you know, in case i ever do want to build a piece of crap.
You can find it at Home Depot, look for a product called Titebond. Like others said the joint will be stronger than the wood as long as it's done right (minimum gap, properly clamped).
thanks heinousanus.(?) i'll pick some up next time i'm there.

and to crazy8rgood- i'm repairing it myseflf so even if i did just buy a new neck i'd still have to attach it. and i like your poem.