Hi there, I'm datrooper. I'm looking for a vocalist that would like to do some collabs with me. I play guitar and I've been playing for almost 4 years. I listen to all types of music and I'm open to anything. They way it would work is how online bands work, I'd record all the guitars and such, then send it on to you the you do your vocals, then we master it, and post it! I think starting with some covers to gain some popularity would be a good idea, but I have a few originals layed out, and I'm open to any suggestions. I'd like you to be of teen age, but age isn't really a big deal, I just think a teen's voice is kinda better for this. I'd like to look at doing some pop songs, but if that's really not your thing, than that's fine. If you're even remotely interested in this or have any questions, please feel free to post here or email me at TheTr00per@live.com I look forward to hearing from you! Thanks in advance!
I'm Luke.
i have one of my own songs i wrote on my profile (note i recored it at 3am one morning so i couldnt really sing to the best of my ability lol)
and i have a cover i did with my band of muse- feeling good

if you like my singing, i'd love to collab with you ^_^
i design CD covers and Band Logos.
see my website for requests and exsamples of my work
Miss Morphine Designs
Ok, I pmed you to talk about it, anyone else the spot is still open for now, just morphine is in 1st place right now haha
I'm Luke.
I'm 16 and interested... love pop/rock, so would be happy to collab!
Please pm if it's not too late
hey bro im interested in this collab your doing if its not too late i could do anything you would want me to do for vocals... so send me a message or listen to my songs at www.myspace.com