So I have begun to tab this song out, i would not say that it is hard, but nor is it easy (some parts are), i was wondering if anyone could help me in anyway. I am tabbing this on Guitar Pro. I am experienced with the program but have a few issues with some timings. Anyways, I almost have the intro done and i am specifically looking for help in the Vocal/Drums area. But any help would be great!

If you haven't heard this song before i would recommend checking them out, they are classified as a Melodic rock/metal band. They neared the tip of the iceberg of mainstream popularity during the 80s, but were never able to make the leap.

Thanks for your time. Contact me by posting in here or through PM, from there we can collaborate on this. But hey, if you are bored and just want to tab 1 part of 1 instrument and post it. go for it!!!