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I've just started learning classical guitar after many years of playing loosy-goosy rock music and i'm a bit unsure on right hand fingerings. My book says that ONLY the thumb should be used for the 3 lower strings so when playing scales, say C major starting on the open 6th string, do i ise my thumb for all the notes on teh 3 lower strings?

well most classical players have nails and get a much better sound from the thumb when playing those strings but you dont necessarily need to
for playing melodic lines etc. i would imagine that you should use rest stroke or free stroke?
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wow. i don't think or see how any of the above replies answer your question.

the answer to your question is yes.
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I think it depends on what exactly you're playing and what the piece calls for. For example, if all you're playing on the lower 3 strings is the bass line underlying a melody or something, then I'd probably say yes, mostly thumb work. But if you're doing a lot on the lower strings and not so much on the higher strings? It would only wear your thumb out if you didn't make use of your other fingers.

My guitar teacher had me practice alternating my index and middle fingers while going up (and down) basic major scales, if that helps you at all. Again, it all comes down to what exactly you're playing.
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Cheers guys for the replies - i thought as much. Just got the exercise that is playing the c major scale and wondered if i should use alternating 'i m' on all 6 strings or thumb for low 3 and alternating for top 3.

if you are talking solely about scales, according to the RSMAD testing book (uk music grading sytem)

Scales should be played either alternate i,m or m,a all the way up and back down. Thats the official way, and it makes it easier for speed as well as accuarcy.

taking it to a top class level: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6znv2BRzu4U 18 seconds in exactly. Hope it helps! and keep up them scales practice!
It depends on what you're playing... but...
In a standard view the thumb is used for the 3 low strings, Yes.