So we all know, for the most part, that Ticketmaster blows goats. Well, I have an entirely new reason to loath the company.

I got tickets for Pearl Jam tonight In Toronto through a Ticketmaster retail outlet (Sunrise Records). So obviously I was excited.

My friend and I have our tickets and proceed to the venue. We reach the guys who scan your tickets only to find out that our tickets were not accepted. We were told to go back to the Box Office and deal with the problem.

We go back to the Box Office and talk to the woman only to find out our tickets had been refunded by someone else!!!! How...I don't know.
We try to explain that I was the only person to buy these tickets using my own VISA card, I bought them in person and never even thought of getting a refund for this concert.

We were asked to provide the name of the person who refunded our tickets...of course, we had no idea...because we had no idea the tickets were refunded in the first place! We provided the original VISA used to buy the tickets and everything. Nothing worked, and there is nothing that would have worked.

Long story short, we couldn't get in the venue to see PEARL JAM because our tickets were invalid for some unknown reason.

I know of 1 other person that this happened to tonight, he also got his tickets at a retail outlet (different location). If you encounter this problem I have no idea how you would go about sorting this out.

Needles to say I'm pissed. Just be careful is all. But again, there is no way to know your tickets are invalid until it's too late.
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Chrisnw22 just struck it dead on, and in doing so offended said people. lol wtg bro :-)

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Sucks for you. I saw Pearl Jam.

Not really.
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Ticketmaster has never been a problem for me.

LiveNation though....... Every ticket I have bought I have encountered a problem, that's why I stopped after the second time.
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i never had a problem with ticketmaster when i bought rise against and saving abel tickets. i paid cash though that might be why.
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I'm an avid concert goer...at least 10 a year. Always used ticketmaster, always used my Visa with no issues.

It is quite ironic that of all the concerts for this to happen to, it's Pearl Jam.
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Chrisnw22 just struck it dead on, and in doing so offended said people. lol wtg bro :-)

Night Of The Pear II - August 7th/8th 2009
This year I saw 311/Ziggy Marley and The Expendables through Livenation and Slightly Stoopid (Snoop Dogg dropped out) And Stephen Marley through Ticketmaster and didn't have any problems.
I was just looking up tickets for Mastodon and Dethklok a few days ago.... Sooo anyone going?

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Ticketmaster is usually very good. Use the internet, it's what I did
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