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Yeah! :D
26 34%
No! >:[
15 20%
Yes but not well. :/
35 46%
Voters: 76.
Hello everyone.

Im kinda new to guitar but I know chords and scales and the like and I was wondering if anyone could drop some tips on playing and singing at the same time.

A really big help would to be answer this question...
How do you do it?!

Whenever I try to sing, I always get off beat horribly, and sometimes the chord switching messes me up a bit.
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try concenrating on getting on beat then improve your singing part.............
All I can tell you is to practice. Learn the chord progression first until you can play really it well. Then learn the vocal line well, flawlessly. Then put them together. Try to concentrate on each while doing both at the same time. Once you get the hang of it tho it becomes easier each time you do it.
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I think that is something everyone struggles with at first. The easiest songs to sing on are the ones where the words happen on the beats. Jack Johnson is a great example of that, most of his songs are easy to sing on because the words fit the struming exactly. But as with anything else it is all a matter of practice, the guitar playing has to be done without thinking about it, when you get to the point where it is second nature to play something then the words of the song is all you have to think about.
One thing I've discovered is to simplify areas of the song that draw away from concentration. This is a lot easier to do as a bassist, because you can turn down the bass in the mix and play root notes the whole time and get away with it (not saying I do this, but it IS pretty easy).
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You need to practice so that each strum matches up with a syllable. You can take it slow and work on perfecting it. And after a while it will be the easiest thing ever
I can sing & play at the sametime but I sound so flat lol
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one thing that helped me was playing the song and just reading an article out loud at the same time. and once you can multitask it should get a bit easier.
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I first started off by playing a chord progression while talking to someone. Then try and recite somthing you know by heart like your abc's while playing. Once you get to the place where you can talk and it has no effect on your playing you can then move on the trying to sing. Singing and playing becomes easiest when your playing becomes almost mechanic, and you get the muscle memory so that you arent even thinking about what your playing. Then its a matter of focusing on singing and staying on tempo.

My best advice, play and sing with a metronome!!

I just started recording and timing is kicking my ass because i never was concerned with it before.
Its just always come naturally for me. I think its because I don't have to think much when I'm singing or playing guitar since I have a really good sense of rhythm
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I do it by writing my parts not so technical So do alot of famous guitarists

look at matt heaffy he uses a simple rythm while he sings and gets technical when he doesnt

If all else fails if you get lost hit an open string or a chord in the key of the song and no one will notice
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i sing slayer so if u compare my singing and playin to them. im not that bad lol.
but i still kinda suck, lol
p.s. i love slayer.
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umm i started out talking to lyrics while playing and then eventually start singing... but you need to get the beat of the song down first, and make sure you fingers know where to go when to go automatically and the strumming is memorized so your not pausing or screwing up and stuff... start on easier songs, even if they are ones you dont like, and work your way up

hope that helps
Try starting with a song that has a very simple guitar progression, i got to know the chords to the point where i didnt even have to think to play it anymore my fingers would just automatically start going to where they need to be. Than i would split it up into sections and learn to play and sing section by section, eventually i could do the whole song no problem. Than gradually move to harder and harder songs.

I started with the song "Terrible Angels" by Cocorosie, it was very easy for me to get used to playing and it had simple lyrics so i mastered it fairly quick. Now ill play and sing just about any song first try.
you will be able to sing and play once you no longer have to think about what you're doing with your hands. most of us can only really think about one thing 'properly' so what must happen is we must become so used to strumming and chord-changing that it no longer requires us to think about it and can attend to the lyrics or whatever.
the next hurdle will be playing complex riffs that are different to the vocal melody whilst singing. most 'real musicians' cannot do this but I think it is something that is rather unique and should be encouraged. I really like those who do.
practice both seperatly and get them EACH perfect SEPERATLY . then go and try the two together, this works, but needs practice ....together aswell
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