NOTE: I could not find any tutorial regarding this topic in the Ultimate thread.
I have a wonderful Wizard contour maple/rosewood semi-birdseye Strat neck on the way from Warmoth. It is unfinished, and I plan to (will) apply the finish myself. However, I have a self-adhesive decal for the headstock. I got instructions from the guy who made the decal for me, but they're basic directions for refinishing an neck with the decal off. I need a tutorial that explains how to finish the neck professionally, and CLEARLY explains when to apply the decal. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated.
So, put the decal on bare wood, THEN spray with the color coat (ReRanch Fender Neck Amber)?
Yup. it's that simple.

If you're going for the "vintage" effect, wait until the final coat of lacquer is dry then apply the decal. Back in the day, factories put the decal on top of the clear coat insted of under it.

So it's really your choice. Apply it first or last.
I think the Warmoth necks do have a sealer coat on them when they are delivered.

Here is a tutorial on logos


after that apply clear coats as normal and level with this tut


That tutorial goes up to buffing, but when you are progressing through the grits of sandpaper you can stop when you like the sheen you have on the neck, e.g. a satin sheen from fast playing will be achieved at a lower grade than a gloss sheen.

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