So check it out, I have a Fender rumble bass amp, a MXR blowtorch, a MXR Bass DI, and I just got an Boss ME-50B

The blowtorch is a distortion / fuzz pedal for anyone that isnt aware

My question is this, I always played around with the setup, I wasnt ever sure if I wanted it set up like

Bass - MXR DI - MXR Blowtorch - Amp


Bass - MXR Blowtorch - MXR DI - Amp

I eventually figured out I thought it sounded better with Bass - MXR DI - Blowtorch - Amp

So with the new ME-50B (multi effects pedal + wah and noise supresser) I am a little confused about how I should set it up.

I know its usually all based on preference, but really im just not sure what the "suggested" setup is.

Right now, im putting it like ME-50 - DI - Blowtorch - amp

Whats everyones suggestion on this? Im really looking for an educated answer from someone who maybe able to give me an insight as to how it effects my EQ and tone switching from one setup to the other - in fact i am acctually starting to wonder with my new ME-50 is I even need the DI anymore.

I've already downloaded the owners manual and read the whole thing, it never mentioned anything about compatibilty with other pedals, so I figured I'd get some insight from my friends here at UG.

Any help is MUCH appreciated. thanks.
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And to make the most of the noise gate, put the multi last.
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I would put it Blowtorch>M80>ME50B>Amp. Whatever sounds best.

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