Recently, I brutally murdered my acoustic guitar and in dire need of a new one, I just love the sound and feel of an acoustic. So I turn to you guys, would any of you guys know of any good semi acoustic guitars for a price of around £100-£200? I don't want anything amazing, just something to play in my bedroom and write songs on. The chances are it won't be used for many gigs, if at all. At gigs I just my LP with a nice chorused clean. But it does have to be of a good build quality, be semi acoustic and reasonable playability, I think i'd prefer a single cut a little more, but don't restrict feedback to single cuts, I would happily buy a no cut guitar that's better than a single cut.
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i use a cort guitar and its lasted me about 7 years, its good enough for that sort of thing
Just looked into them, I do like the the MR710f.

I'm probably gonna get shot for saying this.. (apologies for size) but I love this;

And yes.. a locking nut.

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If it's just for playing around in your bedroom and writing songs, I'd seriously want to try that guitar before you play it. Just from the look of it I'd expect it to be very "tinny" sounding when it wasn't plugged into an amp.

I don't think it would sound, or feel like an acoustic guitar. Not like a dreadnought. I could be wrong.
And no, Guitar Hero will not help. Even on expert. Really.
I'm a new guitar player and am by no means an expert on guitars, but I'll throw this out there. I just got a new guitar a couple of weeks ago and I love it. It is a Mitchell MD100SCE, acoustic-electric. It costed $200 (USD, not sure the conversion to £. To me it feels nice, sounds nice.. I have not tried it plugged in yet as I don't have an acoustic amp. It got all positive reviews for durability, playability, and sound in the reviews I read before I bought it.
actually the slim lindo in question doesnt sound tinny at all (at least not to my ears) and can compete with a guitar about double the price
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Slim acoustics normally don't sound as good unplugged as thicker bodied guitars. This may not be a problem for you but go to the guitar shop and play all the guitars in your price range. You will eventually find one that sounds and plays just right for you.
dude, what did you do to it? seems like only yesterday i remember you buying it...

id say look into yamaha at that price, my guitar (that you said you liked) is an APX 500, but they go higher, so an APX 700 and 900 are available, they sound nice plugged or unplugged
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