At Musicians Friend, 3 ratings are listed for the Tung Sol 6L6 GC power tubes.
Which should i get for my 5150 ?
I have rebiased it hotter to get a nicer clean tone and from what i have read the Soft rating breaks up the least and probably will be better for clean tones and headroom, but how does this affect the distortion ?

And what preamp brand do u recommend for this head ?

I'm running on borrowed Groove Tubes tubes at the moment and must buy my own. Have read good stuff about the Tung Sol's, although the GT's sound decent too.

Soft just means they won't break up as quickly. The 5150 has so much gain already I don't think you'll miss anything if you go 'soft'. I've never owned a 5150 though, let alone retubed one. Hit up the Mother of all 5150/6505s Thread if you want a better answer.

Also, I highly recommend dougstubes.com. Very responsive outfit and Doug will probably get back to you personally within 24 hours if you ask your questions there. Also, does MF match tubes when they send out a Quad, or are you going to bias them anyway I guess. They will come matched from places like dougstubes, tubedepot, thetubestore, etc.

I'm slightly guessing but I would think a Tung Sol, Penta Labs 9th Gen, Sovtek and a JAN Phillips 5751 would be a nice set up preamp tubes.

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I wouldn't suggest buying tubes from Musician's Friend. Like 311 said, I'd highly suggest Doug at DougsTubes.com, email him and ask him what tubes he'd suggest for the tone you're going for.
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I've been through just about every major (current) tube in my 6505 combo. The BEST tubes I've found to be are SED (Winged C's) for the power section.
Tung-sol RI 12ax7 for V1 (or a Mullard RI 12ax7 if you want less brightness). Then just buy cheap Chinese Shuguang 12ax7B's (Silver Dragons) the rest of the way. This tube combo has brought me the best results out of everything I tried. I can say, the Tung-sol 6L6 IS a great tube in that amp though and would maybe be my second favorite. Just get the early distortion ones. Those would be sufficient.
But i don't want early distortion as i want a clean channel as well. Biasing the tubes hotter cleaned up the rhythm channel quite a bit. So i'll go for soft so i have most headroom for cleans.