What overdrive pedal or distortion pedal would it take to make the blackheart little giant play metal? I'm lookin for a nice thrashy chugging sound and possibly a death metal sound.
i like Line 6's Ubermetal death metal pedal, but im not sure how that would sound on your amp
Schecter C-1 Classic in Seethru blue <333
Schecter Damien FR
Roland AC-60 acoustic amp
Boss GE-7 EQ
Line6 Ubermetal Distortion
Sigma Dx Acoustic
ehx metal muff with top boost
Höhner llx100g
Gibson explorer
crappy stagg acoustic
Roland dac80d
marshall jcm 900 sl-x 2500
marshall 1960A
ehx metal-muff
jimmy hendrix wah
ubermetal's very good
that or the the boss ml-2 metalcore. its my favorite pedal at the moment..sweet heavy chugging tone and beautiful thrash sound too :]

death metal though...im not sure.
havent tried playin that on it yet...pretty sure it could do it though.
Get a Ibanez Tube King Distortion pedal (The diamond shaped red one). I also got a small tube amp with low gain, and with that i can get any metal tone (it has 3 band EQ , and they are very responsive). You can get all of the scooped metal tones and the best is that it doesn't suck too much tone from the amp and does not sound too "fake". It also has something like a noise gate which is very effective to remove feedback. Its also built like a tank, it aint cheap but its worth it , way better than any Boss Metal Zone etc... those sound crap and digital....
How about the Blackstar overdrive and distortion pedals? I read some pretty good reviews about them.
The blackstar HT-disX, is pretty good.

Mine is a bit hissy sometimes and you'll need a noise supressor for it.

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Stay away from the line6 uber metal and the ML-2. While i can't speak on the ML-2 the vast majority of people claim its awful unless you mod it. i do own a uber metal and it sucks your tone like mad and will make you amp sound terrible. I'd also steer clear of the metal muff as well although there a lot of people on here who swear by it i think it sounds too harsh.

I recommend you try out the Barber dirty bomb
Also, my EHX MM broke on me within a week.

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Which of all the pedals that were suggested can provide a metal sound and drive the tubes.