Alright so my birthday is in about 2 weeks and Ive been looking into getting a new amp. Im looking in the area of about 300 us Cash. At this point Ive checked out the roland cube 30x amp for about 250$ which seems a little bettr then the line six spider 3 30w for 179 though the spider has a larger speaker the cube has more effects and options which is what im looking for. But then I started digging the peavey vypyr 30w for 200 and was pretty blown away at the amount of amp models effects storage and power. The vypyr is also an analog amp opposed to a digital which if im right i think most modeling amps currently are so the vypyr also offers a more powerful sound. After that I got into the vox vt 30w which sounded nice but I dont know didnt do much for me.

So basically im just asking to see if anyone has or has played on any of these amps and could offer some more information or just an opinionated yay or nay. At the moment I think Im gonna go with the vypyr 30w, it seems to have the most to offer and has a great price
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vypyrs are sick.. i got one.. n for the price they sound pretty good and the ability to customise the crap out of it is also a selling point.. but im kinda bias :P
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well, one thing is sure. Don't get the spider. I'm not just following the anti-Spider cult, I'm saying from personal experience. You might find it nice now, but later on, when your ears develop, you're gonna see it isn't very good. And also, for 60 bucks more, you can get the B52 AT112, unless you absolutely want a modelling amp.
accroding to some reviews the vypyr amps are known for having some issues with starting up and going dead, and isnt too reliable...
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