This thread will probably die right away, but if it dosent, then this is the idea, Tell your best (or worst) awkward moments, so the pit can make fun of you! Follow basic thread rules please.
-Ill start, Last night, there was a thunder storm and i had fallen asleep with my Tellevision on. Also, my door was locked, i forget why (no pervs not because of that) So as I was sleeping i had rolled over onto my remote which put the volume all the way up. At this point i diddnt notice what was on the TV i just knew it was loud! So i grab the remote in an attempt to silence it when A loud burst of thunder made me drop it. my mom come to the door yelling and finds out that it is locked. At this time i noticed what was on my TV.......A commercial for Girls Gone Wild.(at full volume) As I am searching for the remote my mom says why are you watching that?!?!? So, yeah, basically my mom thought i was jerking off and the volume was up to full. Did i neglect to mention it was 3:00 AM? FML Your turn, UG!
I broke my G-string while fingering a minor. lol

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