I've been trying to figure this out all day long. I haven't been using cubase for a few weeks now, and when i tried it yesterday, for some reason it wouldn't record me playing guitar (while I could hear myself play through my computer).

I managed to fix this, but now, when I want to record something, it records every track at the same time:

I'm playing a solo part, the metronome is recorded on that same track, and so are the drums (separate midi track). And yes, I need both playing when I'm recording (simply because there are parts without drums).

Please any ideas on how to fix this? It's driving me crazy!


Oh and I'm using cubase SX...
It's to do with what the sound card's recording. Sound's like it's set to record "What U Hear", or Stereo Mix. Go to your computer's volume mixer, then to recording devices, and make sure the right one is selected.
Thanks a lot, you were right, it was set to stereo mixdown!
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