Hey guys,

I have a spider III, which is meh, okay. but i have about $100 of birthday money left and i was looking into getting a multi-effects pedal. specifically for the on-board amp models. i was looking at the ZOOM G1x or G2 or ZOOM John5 pedal.

Anyone heard anything about these? and how would they work with my line6 spider III 15 watt? Sound okay? variety of sounds?

+ any other options would be awesome. Thanks!

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Opinion: Goddamn, I want that thing.
And of how much use it will be to you will mostly depend on wether you have other effect panels or not, and which ones.
Hey there. If your looking for a pedal that works with your amp models the line 6 FBV it would do the trick. It is made for the spider amps. They run for about $100 Canadian.
The Spider does not take pedals well, if at all. you'd be better off selling the spider and using your birthday cash to get a good amp. if you sold your spider for at lest $200, you could easily get a used Super Champ XD, Vox Valvetronix or Crate V series, all of which will sound much better than the Spider.

EDIT: Thanks a lot. thanks to replying to your stupid thred, now i burnt my eggs
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