Hey i really like the mosrite mk2 body style but the only copies i can find are Johnny Ramone models and copies but i want one like the original mk2's with the vibrato bridge and recangular singlecoils... I have found one model but its very expensive.

Anyone got any ideas??
Anyone know if Warmoth could make the components? and if so how much do you think it would roughly cost???

I wouldn't recommend going for an original, There are fewer than 200 of them and when they come on eBay they are usually $5,000 and up. You likely found a reissue from some Japanese company or you saw it on Ed Roman's site. You can forget trying to find any readily available copies that have the original style tremolo, It has never been reissued and perhaps with good reason. Don't go for Eastwood's copy, It isn't very good. If you want a good guitar you should either have a Wosrite custom made from Tym Guitars in Australia or wait for Hallmark's II. I say wait for it because it is, as of today, Unreleased but it is going to be a VERY good replica.

Oh and since you mentioned that you wanted a tremolo on it I'd recommend having a Stetsbar Stoptail model attached to it. They are very good tremolos, I have one myself although it took a while to figure it out.



Oh, By the way... Why not check out some of Mosrite's other models while you're browsing Tym's site?
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You're welcome. By the way, Here are some links to pictures and info about Hallmark's replicas. They are not yet available but I'd say the blue one looks darn good.

Road To Ruin model (White)


Sheena model (Blue)

Always tin your strings.


Don't be afraid to be honest.