I have been looking for a pedal that can enhance quiet sounds and limit loud sounds like a compresser but I bought an MXR Dyna Comp recently and sold it straight on as it just tampered to much with my tone, made it clicky and mechanical. The same happened before when I had a Boss GE7.

What if I used a bass limiter enhancer pedal? Controls: enhance, ratio, limit. WOuld this work? Or are the pedals particular to certain frequecies and thereofre only work with basses?

Is there a pedal that I am overlooking?

I considered a noise gate but that is for noise, hum and hiss isnt it?

Please help me UG people
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I would work on how hard/soft I hit my strings. The only reason I ever put a limiter on something is if I'm recording a fairly hot signal to digital that I don't want to clip.