Simple, you post a link ti the song you want to learn and the tab you'll use and the next poster looks at it and tells you the skill level they think is required (beginner, beginner +, intermediate etc.)

If this has already been done let me know.

I'll start
False News Travels Fast by Sonata Arctica

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i don't really see the relevance of this thread to musician talk - it may be suitable to the pit, but in terms of MT we have a "suggest me a song" sticky and the general consensus about rating other people ability/the difficulty of songs is that since it's totally subjective it doesn't really serve much purpose. Also i have never heard that song before, making the game a little silly...

This may work in the pit, but it's not really suitable here.

EDIT: i think xxdarrenxx said it better in fewer words than me down below :claps:
The only 6 words that can make you a better guitarist:

Learn theory
Practice better
Practice more
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Who's Andy Timmons??
Hahaha I love that he got the two responses that sum up MT in comparison to the pit. Well done guys bloody brilliant !