i windmilled (headbanged circular) for 4.2 minutes to Go Into The water (Dethklok song) today. I was pretty proud of it. Tell me your record or comment.
Not even at a show or anything? You just sat there and headbanged in your room? That's kinda retarded.
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4.2 isn't that long.. Unless you're going balls out fast as ****...

I windmill at concerts like the whole time practically (other than joinin the mosh). ****s my neck up but it's still fun
I truly am my own redeemer
Blindly I follow none but myself
Without fear I am
Unhallowed be my name

Myself am hell and hell I shall unleash
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Mock Thy majesty
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maybe it's just me, but when i go to shows i like to, you know, watch the musicians play and stuff....
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